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Bros -sketch- by JustCoyote
Bros -sketch-
I fucking love these idiots. So i drew this from memory and i remember almost every detail of ace whose been dead the past 6 years...but luffy who has been in every chapter. I immediately forget what he looks like. ._. my bad. I need to draw more one piece and by one piece i mean just marco. My anime husband better be okay...cus if anything happens to him..i will be very sad and salty. 
Akira Aburame ANBU by JustCoyote
Akira Aburame ANBU
Akira when he was in ANBU which he kinda still is in? If he needs to guard the sixth in foreign lands, he goes without mask but for in the village he mostly dawns the mask on. He had a grumpy mask to compensate for his worry brows. Because hes special ops, he can't use his insects unless absolutely necessary and it also explains why his insects had to be deadly. 

He couldnt wear his awesome shades so he had to opt for goggles. Which come in handy when he has to swim. :Y

He also doesnt have his sweet hair clip either so his hair just does whatever it wants. 
Akira Aburame again. by JustCoyote
Akira Aburame again.
Slapped some colors on this fella. I really like him. I should draw his partner. I like how unlike the other clanmembers have this stern look but..Akira has a worried look even tho hes not. Thats just his resting face. I hsould draw him in action. Even tho he has his insects hes also good with the Taijutsu. 
Aburame Sketch by JustCoyote
Aburame Sketch
I somehow transitioned from One piece to naruto trash....

Rereading the series i realized that Aburames are amazing and sadly theyre not in the manga enough. Because i was thirsting for some Aburames I made one.

This is Akira, He's horrible at explaining things such as leaving out extremely important info. He doesnt talk much, only saying a few words. This is due to the fact that he has a stutter and he was ridiculed as a child for it. He's 17-18yo. Jounin, he was ANBU til he got reassigned to be the bodyguard to the Sixth. He has two types of insects that do a very specific thing which makes it hard for him to really be in a team unless the conditions are met. Hes main insects are of a firefly variation only if they get a certain amount of chakra they explode thus setting off a chain reaction causing the swarm to explode. Now even if he doesn't cause them to explode, someone with a fire jutsu can easily set them off.  The other one is a beetle type thats slightly heavy and sluggish, their body are high in iron and mostly watery. Theyre main task is to create a net which someone who has a lightning jutsu can create a electric field. 

His jacket and scarf are flame resistent

never in my life would i thought id have a bug boy...considering i hate bugs :T
I made a bleach OC and hes a dog...what has my life become?! inspiration is Dogmeat and Ammy game dogs give me life..where as real dogs give me severe allergies. But i still love them..just from a distance.


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I art.
I english good, sometimes no. Even though its my native tongue.

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